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    Adress : Semizkumlar Mevkii Silivri / İstanbul (Semizkumlar)


    Semizkum Mocamp Maps




    By Car: You can find SEMIZKUM MOCAMP by taking the E-5 or TEM Highway.

    E-5 Highway : Take the E-5 Highway at Istanbul. Drive until you see MAXI Shopping Center on the right side of the road. After you see the shopping center, make a turn at the second underpass headed back in the direction of Istanbul and drive on for about 2 km. You will see SEMIZKUM MOCAMP campsite on the right hand side of the road.

    TEM Highway : At Istanbul, take the TEM Highway headed west. Take the SILIVRI Exit to connect to the E-5 Highway. Follow the directions for taking the E-5 Highway. (The TEM Highway is a toll highway but may be a faster route.)

    By Bus : In Istanbul, you may take any bus departing from the ESENLER or HAREM Bus Stations going in the direction of CORLU – TEKIRDAG. Get off the bus at the KARAGÖZ Pedestrian Crossing which is located approximately two kilometers past the SİLİVRİ MAXI SHOPPING CENTER. Cross the road to SEMIZKUM MOCAMP.


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